Revolutionize the way you handle patient payments with LQpay, a comprehensive solution designed exclusively for healthcare providers. Whether you’re a medical or dental practice, a DSO, a walk-in clinic, or a multi-specialty group,our advanced end-to-end patient payments solution is tailored to elevate your practice


Now you can integrate ALL patient payments within your existing practice management system. LQpay’s all-in-one integrated solution, provides every patient payment feature you need, all in one place.

Experience Seamless
Payment Solutions

Say goodbye to payment complexities. Our cutting-edge technology offers a seamless point-of-sale experience, utilizing the latest payment terminals for swift and secure transactions. From payment-card tokenization to mobile, card on file, and e-commerce features, LQpay has it all.

Features That
Elevate Your Practice

Our suite of features includes:

  • Virtual Terminals with multiple integration options
  • Average of 25% less in credit card processing costs
  • Recurring Payments
  • Zero-Click Payments
  • Credit Card Compliant Surcharging
  • Text-to-pay and contactless solutions
  • Credit Card on file
  • Auto-posting of patient payments
  • Mobile billing statements — And Much More.

Realize Remarkable Results

Join healthcare providers who have
experienced tangible benefits


Overall improvement in collections


Increase in patient
satisfaction through convenient payment choices


reduction in time spent on patient

empower your practice with automation technology

The LQpay platform integrates advanced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and cutting-edge technology to streamline your practice operations and enhance patient payment experiences.


Experience seamless integration with your practice management system, enabling automatic posting of payments into patient accounts. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to accuracy and efficiency.

simple & easy
One-Click Payment

Enhance patient check-in and check-out processes by integrating patient payments directly from your practice’s appointments calendar. Enjoy speed and accuracy, while eliminating unnecessary data entry.


Eliminate patient checkouts. Effortlessly finalize payment transactions using our complimentary, Wi-Fi, touchscreen POS terminal device using the patient’s card on file, eliminating the need for patients to wait at checkout.


LQpay fully integrates with many EMR/EHR or Practice Management System

Implementations with practices management systems include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Allscripts
  • Centricity
  • ChiroTouch
  • CrystalPM
  • Denticon
  • Dolphin
  • Eaglesoft
  • eCW
  • EZ Vet
  • Open Dental
  • OrthoEdge
  • Ortho Trac / Carestream
  • Practice Works
  • Rapid PM
  • Silk One

Helping Providers Significantly Improve Their Revenue

Obtaining payment from patients is a big challenge for the vast majority of medical practices we work with, particularly for balances owed after 3rd party insurance adjudication. As a medical billing service, we see firsthand how LQpay is helping providers significantly improve their revenue, reduce write offs, and virtually eliminate third-party collections costs. The auto-charge and recurring payment plan features also provide our team with valuable tools to process patient payments as we work on our clients’ behalf.

Richard Tavares

President, Hanover Medical Services

Helping to simplify the patient payments process

We were looking for an advanced payments technology that could help simplify our payments process but most importantly, provide our pet owners with fast, convenient payment options. We absolutely love the text-to-pay feature, as well as the ability to store and charge cards on file. We’re looking forward to some of their additional features as well!

Dr. Laura Wagner

Alameda Pet Hospital

A Real Game-Changer

LQpay has been a real game-changer for our Practice. We have drastically improved the timeliness of patient payments and overall collections. Bottom line, we’re collecting more efficiently on the front end and cutting costs in the process. In fact, the elimination of paper statements alone will save us thousands of dollars annually.

Additionally, I am always mindful of the impact new solutions or processes may have on staff, workflow, and the patient experience. With LQpay; however, the branded, easy-to-use Provider Portal and first-class customer service enabled my team to be up and running quickly and seamlessly. We were initiating patient payments within 24 hours. We have ultimately increased patient satisfaction with more convenient payment options and alerts provided through SMS/text messaging.

Dr. Shahnaz Fatteh, M.D.

Asthma, Allergy Care Center of Florida

Provided Us with Contactless Payment Solutions

The new reality of contactless billing makes LQpay’s solution a great option for our dental facility. The platform is easy to use and requires minimal training. Our patient love the quick and easy payment method – right from their mobile device.

Family Dental Practice

Elizabeth, New Jersey

It’s amazing

I can tell you exactly how much I took in last week from patients. I can even separate that and see how much of it is coming in virtualcredit cards from insurance companies. Nobody has to wait, and if my staff doesn’t remember if they collected a copay, I can always check on LQpay. It’s amazing.

Sandy Agel

Practice Manager, First Rehabilitation

The LQpay team has been great!

The LQpay team has been great! We have a smoother payment workflow and the automated patient payment posting capability has helped us tremendously. The plus was not having to change our current practice management system to be able to use the LQpay software. I would definitely recommend their system to other dental practices.

Cindy Robinson, Office Manager & Team Leader

Robinson & Malone Dentistry

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