Elevate Your EyeCare Business with LQpay

Elevate Your EyeCare Business with LQpay

In the dynamic world of eyecare, where precision and efficiency are paramount, LPQay stands out as the ultimate payment processing solution, combining automation, mobility and seamless integration. Transforming the eyecare payment landscape, LQpay ensures streamlined processing, quicker payment cycles, and increased revenue for eyecare practices.

Key Features of LQpay for Eyecare Practices

  • Automated, Mobile, and Integrated: LQpay introduces automation, mobility, and seamless integration into the eyecare payment process, ensuring a modern and efficient approach.
  • Contactless Payments for a New Reality: Embracing the new reality of contactless billing, LQpay facilitates simple, safe, and secure payments through mobile devices, including pre-payments for expedited patient attention.
  • Versatility for Ophthalmic Care: Eyecare leaders can now upgrade their patient payments system for both in-office and remote Ophthalmic care, making LQpay a comprehensive solution for all types of patient care.
  • End-to-End Patient Payments System: LQpay is a modern, end-to-end patient payments system designed to handle all aspects of patient care, combining the speed and convenience of remote, mobile processing with traditional office methods.
  • Effortless In-Office Payments: In-office payments are made easy with LQpay, utilizing the latest “smart” handheld devices for a seamless and secure transaction experience.
How LQpay can help your
Eyecare Practice
  • Increased Revenue: The system facilitates better collections of balances due, contributing to increased revenue for eyecare practices.
  • Improved Cash Flow and A/R Cycles: Secure card-on-file and text-to-pay options accelerate payments, improving cash flow and reducing Accounts Receivable cycles.
  • Cost Reduction and Operational Efficiency: LQpay leverages automation for collection and posting, reducing costs and enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Patient Satisfaction: Quick and contactless payments, along with the convenience of using mobile/smart devices, result in more satisfied patients.

How LQpay Works: The RPA Process

Establish Connectivity:

LQpay establishes connectivity and access to the underlying EMR/practice management system.

Transaction Posting Protocols:

Confirmation of transaction posting protocols is done in collaboration with the eyecare provider.

Alignment with Workflow:

Automation processes and tools are aligned with the provider’s workflow.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA):

Robotics are programmed to post payments in real-time or as a scheduled batch, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Ready to Embrace the Future of Eyecare Payments?

LQpay is ready to bring transformative changes to your eyecare practice, providing a mobile, paperless, and non-contact payment solution. From streamlined operations to increased revenue, LQpay is the strategic investment your eyecare practice needs for sustained success. Contact us today to schedule a demo.