Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work?

Utilizing our easy-to-use Provider Portal with configurable messaging, users can facilitate patient payments and retain payment card information on file to collect for future healthcare services provided.

  1. From the provider web-portal, authorized users process a patient payment either in-office,using our integrated payment card reader, or via text message with a payment link.
  2. The patient’s payment card information is then tokenized and securely stored in a PCI-compliant database.
  3. Following the appointment, and after any applicable 3rd-party insurance adjudication, remaining patient balances can be charged to the card on file.
  4. There is also a feature for providers to set up automatic recurring payment plans.
  5. In all cases above, patients receive real-time text messages confirming amounts paid and/or remained balances owed.

Is the solution cloud-based?

Yes, all you need is a browser, and you’re in business! There are no software licenses to purchase, install, or maintain.

Are you PCI and HIPAA-Compliant?

Absolutely! Having been in payment technology for over 40 years, we take security very seriously. We are hosted on a highly-secure and scalable platform at AWS (Amazon Web Services).

How is the implementation process?

Your practice can be up and running, processing patient-payment transactions in 24 – 48 hours. All you need is a web browser and log-in credentials. The intuitive, simple-to-use Portal makes implementation quick and seamless. An easy, immediate “win” for your practice!

What does it cost?

We pass through our processing fees and charge a small percentage of transactions processed. Our solution more than pays for itself. The ROI is immediate and self-evident.

Are there any extra fees?

As a full ACH processor, we can initiate the transfer of funds collected and deposit them directly into your designated bank account.

Do I get reports?

Authorized users can pull detailed transaction reports in real-time right from the Provider Portal. These can easily be viewed, printed, or downloaded to Excel.

Is the system paperless?

Yes! For years, one of the most time consuming and frustrating processes for practices across America has been sending out paper statements. Our system helps to eliminate the time and cost of paper statements, and facilitates effortless collection of patient-owed balances.

What if there’s a problem?

Easy, you simply contact us. If something goes wrong or you need assistance with any facet of our program, we’re always happy to help. You can call us anytime at 833.572.6682 or email us at