Revolutionize Your Practice with Zero-Click Payments

Welcome to LQpay, where modern payment solutions redefine the future of healthcare. As part of the comprehensive LQpay platform, our Zero-Click Payments feature revolutionizes the way your practice operates, offering unparalleled efficiency and unmatched convenience.

Now Introducing The All New R2B2!

Derived from the successful One-Click Payment Option, R2B2 seamlessly integrates appointments from the underlying PM system with LQpay’s POS app, and without any additional hardware or ongoing remote connectivity.

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Say goodbye to patient checkouts

Effortless Transactions

Initiates transactions without patient checkout, ensuring a seamless payment process.

Enhanced Efficiency

Reduces waiting times and eliminates the need for manual checkouts, optimizing the practice workflow.

Streamlined Patient Experience

Provides patients with a swift and hassle-free payment experience, enhancing satisfaction, optimizing the practice workflow.

Secure and Convenient

Safely stores payment information for quick, secure, and convenient future transactions.

Integrated Solution

Seamlessly integrates within the LQpay platform, accessible via the payment portal or Pax handheld device through the LQpay app.

Integrated Solutions For Seamless Operations

Sign up today and receive a FREE PAX A920, a cutting-edge, Wi-Fi-enabled terminal device. As a bonus, receive our LinQ device at no cost−a powerful AI-driven workstation device designed for seamless integration into your practice management system. LinQ automates tasks and guarantees smooth, hassle-free payment experiences for your patients.

The LQpay Advantage

LQpay offers a comprehensive all-in-one payments platform tailored specifically for healthcare providers. Zero-Click Payments, along with our suite of tools and features, is designed for a smoother patient payments experience, ensuring convenience and security for both your patients and your practice. Explore the full suite of LQpay features and discover how Zero-Click Payments can transform your practice.


Start Streamlining Your Payments Today

Embrace the future of patient payments. Sign up now and harness the power of Zero-Click Payments while receiving your LinQ device – our gift to revolutionize your practice’s operations.