Transforming Healthcare Payments with LQpay

At LQpay, we’re dedicated to enhancing your healthcare practice’s financial well-being. We’re excited to introduce a revolutionary addition to our comprehensive patient payments platform: Compliant Surcharging is a merchant services pricing model that allows your practice to pass along a portion of credit card processing fees to your patients. In simple terms, for eligible point-of-sale (POS) credit card transactions, you can transparently share the per-transaction fee with your patients, significantly reducing your costs.

And the best part?

LQpay makes it fully compliant with the relevant card-brand rules, ensuring transparency for your patients.

Your Practice, Your Savings

Financial Stability, Improved Transparency

The new integration of compliant surcharging into the LQpay all-in-one patient payments platform enables healthcare providers to significantly reduce the costs associated with card acceptance and maintain financial stability while adhering to rigorous regulatory requirements.

and Ethical

Allows practices to implement the pass-through of card processing fees in a transparent and ethical manner, providing patients with a clear understanding of the costs associated with their transactions.

Integrated and

Through Robotic Process Automation (RPA), LQpay integrates with all current practice management systems, enabling automated payment postings, now inclusive of its surcharging capability.


The new surcharging technology is designed to meet the highest standards of regulatory compliances, ensuring it is a trustworthy and secure option for businesses across various healthcare verticals.


Practices are provided with real-time, robust reports around surcharging, with a detailed breakdown and delineation of charges, including any applicable surcharged amounts. This level of detail not only supports compliance requirements, but also enables clear visibility into surcharged transaction details.

Financial Control

LQpay’s surcharging solution empowers healthcare providers with enhanced control over their financial operations, allowing them to optimize revenue streams while maintaining patient satisfaction.


Practices can tailor the surcharging process to their specific needs, whether it’s setting percentage-based fees, fixed fees, or offering discounts for certain payment methods.

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Surcharge Disclaimer

We value transparency and want to ensure that you are well-informed about the fees associated with payment methods on our platform. Please read the following disclosure regarding credit card processing fees and the specific requirements in the states of Maine and New York related to credit card surcharging:

If you are making a payment with a credit card, please be aware of the following:

Cost of Payment: We are obligated to display the exact cost difference between making a payment with cash and using a credit card, down to the nearest cent, for transactions processed with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. This information will be clearly presented during the checkout process before you complete your purchase..

Additionally please be aware that several U.S. territories and states have regulations that prohibit or restrict credit card surcharges. As a result, Providers are unable to impose additional fees on credit card transactions in the following locations: Puerto Rico, Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas and Massachusetts.

In these regions, credit card transactions will not incur any surcharges beyond the standard purchase price. LQ Pay complies with the laws and regulations of each location to ensure a fair and consistent payment experience for all patients and customers.