Introducing LQpay’s R2B2 – The Next Generation “Zero-Click Payment Solution,” Broadening Access for Dental Practices

Introducing LQpay’s R2B2 – The Next Generation “Zero-Click Payment Solution,” Broadening Access for Dental Practices

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – LQpay, a leader in innovative healthcare payments solutions, is proud to announce the launch of “R2B2,” the next generation of its exclusive Zero-Click Payment Solution. R2B2, (“Remote 2 Bot 2”), a play on the widely popular and beloved robot character in the Star Wars franchise, builds on the success of the Zero-Click Payment Solution, expanding access to “Uber-like” experiences for in-office payments.

LQpay’s latest innovation, R2B2, is specifically designed for dental practices using EagleSoft, Dentrix, and Open Dental whereby offering patients and staff unmatched convenience and speed at checkout is easier than ever.

Derived from the successful One-Click Payment Option, R2B2 seamlessly integrates appointments from the underlying PM system with LQpay’s POS app, and without any additional hardware or ongoing remote connectivity.

Eliminating IT hurdles and physical workstations is the key to R2B2’s role in broadening access to elevated payments for dental practices. R2B2 leverages a “zero-footprint,” software-driven installation to deliver LQpay’s proprietary automation technology, “LPA” (LQpay Processing Automation). This marks a significant shift towards operational flexibility, swift implementations, and convenience for dental providers.

The R2B2 solution utilizes the latest in POS device technology and includes appointment calendar integration, card on file, and more, all packaged in a user-friendly, stand-alone software solution. Traditional checkouts will become a thing of the past, replaced by a smooth, zero-click transaction experience. By securely storing payment cards and syncing with the practice management system, R2B2 empowers practices to initiate instant payments with a simple tap. Cutting-edge, WiFi/wireless, “Smart” POS terminals, along with the calendar integration and card-on-file capabilities further optimize the in-office payment experience.

“We are excited to introduce R2B2, eliminate barriers to immediate usage and deliver our unparalleled POS solution to a wider range of dental practices,” says Shashi Kapur, CEO LQpay. R2B2 is designed to make it easier than ever for practices to leverage automation and improve the payments experience for themselves and their patients.”

LQpay continues to lead the charge in transforming healthcare payments, and R2B2 stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the field. To experience the future of dental payments with LQpay’s R2B2, visit and schedule your personalized demo.

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