LQpay Emerges as a Spinoff of Liquid Payments, Inc., Pioneering Healthcare Payments Innovation

LQpay Emerges as a Spinoff of Liquid Payments, Inc., Pioneering Healthcare Payments Innovation

Introducing LQpay: Shaping the Future of Healthcare Payments Technology

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today marks a significant milestone in the world of healthcare payments technology as LQpay, LLC (“LQpay”), formerly an affiliate of Liquid Payments, Inc, emerges as an independent company, offering a full suite of patient payment solutions. Given its strong vision and dedication to advancing healthcare payments, LQpay is set to lead the charge delivering innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of the medical, dental, and veterinary industries.

After achieving its initial strategic objectives and established performance metrics earlier this year, LQpay now transitions to independent operations representing a significant leap in the evolution of healthcare payment solutions. LQpay’s comprehensive patient payments platform is designed to offer healthcare practices an extensive range of features, capabilities, and integrations. LQpay enables providers and staff the ability to streamline payment processes, spend less time on administrative tasks, and focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

As LQpay advances into independent operations, its commitment to simplifying and improving the patient payments journey becomes even more evident. LQpay prioritizes enhancing the patient payment experience with transparent billing, seamless remittance options, and contactless solutions like text-to-pay. These features ensure convenience, security, and ease in managing healthcare payments, contributing to a more positive healthcare journey overall.

LQpay’s differentiating AI-powered payments technology platform provides healthcare access to an array of innovative tools to enhance their operations, including:

  • Auto-Posting of Patient Payments: By leveraging its inhouse RPA (Robotics Processing Automation) assets, LQpay developed LQpay Processing Automation (“LPA”). The proprietary LPA platform enables auto-posting of payment into any EMR/PM system, eliminating manual data entry, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring accurate financial records.
  • Text-to-Pay and Contactless Payment Solutions: In today’s digital age, LQpay provides contactless payment solutions, including text-to-pay options, which are essential for patient convenience, security and safety.
  • Credit Card on File: Allow patients to securely store their payment information, simplifying future transactions and improving overall payment efficiency.
  • Virtual Terminals with Multiple Integration Options: LQpay offers flexible virtual terminals with multiple integration options, ensuring seamless connectivity with various practice management systems.
  • Recurring Payments: Streamline recurring payments for services or treatments with ease, ensuring a consistent revenue stream for your practice.
  • Online Payments: Patients can conveniently make payments online, simplifying the payment process and improving the patient experience.
  • Mobile Billing Statements: Provide patients with mobile billing statements, enhancing accessibility and convenience.
  • Robust Reporting: Access detailed reports to gain insights into your practice’s financial performance and make informed decisions for future growth.

Recently, LQpay introduced several game-changing enhancements to its platform, each designed to elevate the healthcare payment experience:

  • Compliant Surcharging: Through LQpay’s compliant surcharging functionality, including granular reporting and auto-posting features, eligible practices can offset credit card transaction fees, reducing the financial burden on providers.
  • A/R Automation: LQpay‘s A/R automation modules facilitates accelerated patient receivables and automates reminders, ensuring a hassle-free and timely payment experience.
  • One-Click Payment: LQpay’s One-Click Payment feature leverages its robotics (“LPA”) assets to seamlessly sync with the practice’s appointment calendar, eliminating manual entry, accelerating patient check-in/check-out, and enhancing the payment experience.

“LQpay signifies the start of an exciting journey. With our clear strategy, technology assets, dedicated team, and agile business framework, we are committed to further expansion and enhancing our platform with the goal of continually providing healthcare practices with innovative processing solutions so they can focus on delivering high-quality healthcare to patients. LQpay is just the beginning of our efforts to revolutionize healthcare payment technology,” says EVP, Amy L. Crawford.

Liquid Payments, Inc., will continue to support its custom solutions for the non-provider base, while LQpay, the strategic spinoff, focuses on its payments technology for US-based healthcare practices.

This pivotal step sets the stage for the continued expansion of LQpay’s footprint in healthcare payment technology solutions, with the objective to remain at the forefront of innovation, evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of healthcare landscape.

About LQpay
Based in Plantation,FL, LQpay is a healthcare payments technology innovator applying the latest payments and automation technologies to the medical, dental, and veterinary space. LQpay is a leading provider of innovative payment solutions in the healthcare sector. Committed to improving the healthcare payments experience for both providers and patients, LQpay delivers cutting-edge payments and AI-based, RPA/robotics technology to optimize revenue, reduce cost, and create operational efficiencies, as well as enable added convenience in the overall healthcare billing and payments stream. For more information visit www.LQpay.ai

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