Revolutionizing Healthcare Payments: LQpay Introduces Zero-Click Payment Solution for Practices

Revolutionizing Healthcare Payments: LQpay Introduces Zero-Click Payment Solution for Practices

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LQpay, the leading-edge patient payments provider, proudly announces its groundbreaking “Zero-Click Payment” Solution, specifically tailored for medical and dental practices. The Zero-Click payment solution is set to transform in-office payment handling, providing unmatched convenience and efficiency.

This breakthrough Zero-Click Payment Solution, developed with a laser focus on further streamlining payment experiences for both patients and providers, is expected to reshape the landscape of healthcare payments. Seamlessly integrated within the LQpay app and building upon the previously released “One-Click” Payment option, this feature eliminates the need for payment-checkouts, allowing patients and practices to effortlessly complete transactions. By integrating the LQpay POS app with securely stored payment information AND the appointments calendar from any underlying practice management system, practices can initiate swift, zero-click payments. Leveraging the latest in POS terminals, the Zero-Click payment solution combines card-on-file capabilities and a “next-level” implementation of LQpay’s proprietary RPA (Robotics Processing Automation) technology, (“LPA”), to transform how payments are taken in the office.

“We’re excited to introduce the Zero-Click Payment Solution as part of our suite of offerings on the LQpay platform,” stated Shashi Kapur, CEO at LQpay. “This innovative feature not only simplifies and brings uber-convenience to healthcare payments, it also results in significant efficiency gains for all parties.”

As part of this New Year promotion, practices adopting the Zero-Click Payment Solution will receive a complimentary, Wi-Fi, wireless, touchscreen POS terminal with seamless setup. The free device comes pre-set with the LQpay app to support both the One- and Zero-Click Payment features, offering an expedited pathway to quickly take advantage of additional avenues for efficiencies and cost savings within the practice. Additionally, as an optional merchant services model, the LQpay app can also be configured for surcharging capabilities.

Zero-Click payments seamlessly complement the existing collection of LQpay features, including its web-based virtual terminal/portal with multiple integration options, Recurring Payments, Text-to-Pay, Contactless Payment Solutions, i Card on File, and Auto-Posting of Patient Payments.

“We’re committed to empowering practices with cutting-edge payment solutions,” added Kapur. “Zero-Click Payments represent our dedication to simplifying the payment process, reducing operational complexities for practices and enabling them to enhance service to their patients.”

As healthcare practices embrace the future of payments with the innovative Zero-Click Payments Solution, LQpay continues its commitment to designing and delivering top-notch, transformative technology. The LQpay is designed to drive faster, better, and easier processing of patient payments, accelerating patient receivables, reducing the cost of collections, and providing patients with the frictionless payment experience they expect. Visit for more information on the journey towards a frictionless healthcare payments experience.

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